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Odoo developer based in Dublin, Ireland. CierTech is a Technology Company set up by Piotr Cierkosz in 2019. Specialising in ERP Services mostly for small and medium enterprises. Invested a lot of time and money in the project but doing this makes us feel that we are doing what we are supposed to. It is not about the money - it is our passion

Multilingual support in English and in Polish - online as well as on-site. Experienced in training of the staff as well as students (high schools and above).

Knowledge sharing, We believe that sharing is the care and we are happy to provide free tutorials on Blogs as well as on our YouTube channel. A happy customer is a returning customer.

Cross-trained staff. Piotr Cierkosz studied Administration in Poland, Software Development in the Republic of Ireland & Management in the United Kingdom. Having the knowledge and experience from different types of positions and in different countries gives our customers additional ideas for their business. If something works out in a different country - why not implement it in yours?

Happy to serve you from Dublin

Dublin is a very special place for us. We love people and their friendly attitude. It is also the Tech Hub of Europe. Operating from Dublin means that if we can't provide a service we can surely recommend someone from our neighbourhood.

We are also often in Poland and in the United Kingdom. Contact us to arrange a meeting.