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How to get free photos for your Odoo website

07.06.2020 12:53:55 In Nasz blog
Thanks to integration you can browse Unsplash photos in Odoo and download the chosen ones.related issues.
On this blog, I am going to show you how to get free photos for your website straight from Unsplash - free stock photos library.

Translate your Odoo module

12.05.2020 10:19:50 In Nasz blog
This blog post is going to show you how to translate Odoo module to a different language

Cookbook for Odoo

15.03.2020 22:07:18 In Diet Catering

Diet Preferences menu in Customer Portal

15.03.2020 22:02:01 In Diet Catering
When selling dietary products it is important to be sure that you know such things like allergy information, BMI, age, weight or height. This will allow customising product for the customer and will help to raise the sales.

Diet Catering management for Odoo 13.0

20.01.2020 19:29:15 In Diet Catering
We are happy to announce that our system is ready for Odoo 13.0, which is the latest iteration of Odoo ERP. It took us some time to migrate it to the latest version but finally, it is here.

OperationalError: FATAL:  role "odoo" does not exist

28.12.2019 23:34:49 In Nasz blog
In this blog post, I am going to show you how to overcome OperationalError: FATAL: role "odoo" does not exist

How to install Odoo 13 in less than 13 minutes?

27.11.2019 20:42:48 In Nasz blog
In this blog post I am going to show you how to install Odoo 13(or whatever version you need) in less than 10 minutes. As you will see it is more about showing the importance of reading the documentation than the actual tutorial.

Odoo-Coil Integration

24.08.2019 13:19:40 In CierTech News
This post will tell you what is Coil, what advantages it brings and how you can integrate it with Odoo ERP.

How to activate "reset password" in Odoo

07.08.2019 12:02:01 In Nasz blog
Allow users to reset their passwords from login page with just couple clicks.

"Złombol" Charity Rally 2019

29.06.2019 10:19:23 In CierTech News
Złombol is a charity car rally event with a starting point in Katowice, Poland. The goal of the rally is to finish over 2000 km using a car that was built or designed during the communist era. The rally takes place each year in July, August or September.

CierTech is Odoo Learning Partner

27.06.2019 15:48:01 In CierTech News
CierTech is Odoo Learning Partner so we are able to provide you with Odoo Enterprise as well as Odoo Community - the choice is yours.

50 likes on Facebook

11.06.2019 16:52:23 In CierTech News
It is really nice when someone likes you, especially if there is more than one;) We reached 50 likes without spamming around

Field 'is_blacklisted' used in attributes must be present in view but is missing

29.05.2019 21:08:20 In Nasz blog
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to solve the error Field 'is_blacklisted' used in attributes must be present in view but is missing.