How to change default view in Odoo

No programming is necessary

Sometimes default Odoo setting are not the best for our business flow. For example some users feel that it would be better to have the List View(Tree View) as default for Products. This tutorial will show you how to change the default view in Odoo without programming. Sample will cover changing the default view of Products but all the steps can be used for any other view.

Activate the developer mode

Depending on the version you can do it in the Settings(versions 10 and newer) or after clicking on the user in the top right corner.


Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Go to view you want to change

In this tutorial we will be changing Kanban view to List view for Products.

Some people may ask if they should make a backup of their instance? Changing the default view is a safe operation and it is unlikely to break the system. However, the good practice is to get backup before any change is made.

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Click on the "Bug" and choose "Edit Action"

Again, the position might be slightly different but it is definitely there.  

Adjust the Action settings

In the "Views" section you need to update the following:

- View mode with tree,kanban,form

- View Ref. - just change the last word for desired result(for example to tree)


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Save & enjoy

You might need to refresh the page or even restart the server to see the effects.


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Odoo image and text block

Does not work?

I have got n email that my solution does not work for Calendar(Regards Johan:) ). Checked it out and indeed I forgot about one more thing.

Some actions(like the one for calendar) have additional View sequence. Follow the step "Adjust the Action Settings" and scroll down the window until you see the views(as on the image). Now you can drag and drop views to set their sequence.

I don't need to remind you that when you will be writing a module you need to set the sequence in there as well.

There is more...

Suggested next steps

After updating Odoo all changes made from the front end(Actions, fields etc.) might be wiped out and replaced by default Odoo settings. That it is why it is recommended to create a module for the new features. If you have no time for programming you can buy the module for that for as little as 10 EUR here:

For more information on the topic please visit: